Our students at EUvsvirus hackathon

By Alessandra, (comments: 0)

Last 24-25-26 April, a group of RIoE students formed a team to participate in the EUvsvirus hackathon in order to take action against the spread of Covid-19.


The RIoE Team worked on an interactive webpage called TRAP-4C (Transparency Reports Assessment Platform for Covid-19 apps) to empower both citizens and Covid-19 app developers at the same time. App developers can self assess the compliance of their app with state of the art data protection and e-health legislation through an easy questionnaire. At the same time, citizens can compare and contrast several apps through a user friendly interactive webpage. This webpage clearly shows how a Covid-19 app scores in terms of transparency, fairness and lawfulness through bar-charts and other intuitive graphic elements. In facts, citizens and App developers alike are confused by the complex and multi-sided legal framework concerning personal data. This problem is amplified by Covid-19. TRAP4C provides a solution that balances different interests while providing an educational experience for both consumers and app developers. The RIoE Team successfully united Ethics, Law and Technology, following the rationale of our multidisciplinary PhD.

Technicalities can be found here on the official post of the project on Devpost:…/trap4c-transparency-reports-assessmen…

During the hackathon weekend the RIoE team managed not only to create a prototype of the functioning webpage but also to make an elevator pitch: a short and effective proposal of the project with a 2 minute Youtube video (, and an explicative post on the Devpost platform, accompanied by solid three phase business plan (early adopters-consolidation-dissemination phases).

Quoted the participants: " we are very satisfied and happy to have taken part into this challenging and amazing experience".